Our score towers are truly one of a kind . Designed and build be myself (patent pending) is exactly what you need to keep score and settle to arguments of who is in the lead.

How many time have you had a game going and got so excited no one could quite remember what the score was?

This solves that dilemma on top of being able to hold you favorite beverage.

Drink holders and made of a proprietary blend of poly carbonate and aluminum. Mailed from our C&C machine it meets exact specifications to be able to fold whole graphics and hold your beverages securely so that they will not be spilled.

Scoreboards also come with the second drink holder minus the score tower so there are one on each end of the playing field.Β  The score towers can adorn premier custom cornhole graphics or can be designed to match the boards that you select.

Prices for score tower with extra drink holders run $50 plus shipping and handling him or if ordered with corn hole boards shipping is free.