About Us

Premier Custom Cornhole was founded October 2014. After working out of a garage for 2 years building boards as a hobby, many friends and family encouraged me to take my skills and quality and start my company.

With the help of my partner,Β  we have built one of the best cornhole company’s around. With 45 years combined experience in manufacturing and the sign business, we know quality. We incorporate a Quality Control process to ensure that you get a perfect set of boards every time. We deal in premium, quality boards that are made in the USA. We are proud to say that we use premium, cabinet grade materials that are put together by skilled workers that strive for perfection.

These are not back yard built boxes with hole in them. These are PREMIUM cornhole boards. Every order is recorded and tracked through the entire build process. Pictures and measurements are taken of every board to ensure a great board every time. We are not the largest company, but we are the best by far.